With university’s animal sounds library at her disposal, composer attempted to juxtapose organic and processed, comparing intrinsic morphology of sounds vs. imposed. Distilling environmental sounds through electronic signal processes like granulation and synthesis, artist explored the range of hidden frequencies and noises revealed through these methods. She treated bird and insect calls as instrumental sounds, instilling them in sequencers or looping. Trajectory of sound gestures within a piece moves the listener through different geo locations, but also challenges you to identify the original sources. Temporalization of the piece was achieved by time stretching certain tones, weaving a sonic texture, working with tempo, speeding or slowing down the playback.

Kira Belin (b.1985) New York City & Glasgow – based experimental composer and multimedia artist.

After acquiring experience in film scoring and conducting broad ethnomusicology research in Asian traditions, she started creating her own sonic projects, incorporating indigenous sound techniques and interdisciplinary composition models. Kira’s latest focus is on the use of audio/visual technology as a new language to interpret reality concepts. In her work artist attempts to explore “audio translations” of cultural systems, as well as personal acoustic environments.  She is currently attending a Master’s Program in Sonic Arts at the University of Glasgow.

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