We are the human animals organizing this project.

This video introduces our interests and motivations.


Amy M. Youngs, Associate Professor Department of Art, Project Lead, Curatorial Committee Angelika Nelson, Curator of the Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, BioPresence Curatorial Committee
doosy copyDoo Sung Yoo, Lecturer, Artist, BioPresence Curatorial Committee gilbohrerGil Bohrer, Associate Professor Civil, Environmental & Geodetic Engineering
Cowley_for webJennifer Evans-Cowley, Vice Provost for Capital Planning and Regional Campuses, City and Regional Planning Section Jordana Bungard, Intern, BioPresence Curatorial Committee
kenKen Rinaldo, Professor
Department of Art
Matt Lewismatt, Senior Systems Developer/Engineer Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
rickRick Livingston, Associate Director, Humanities Institute,
Department of Comparative Studies
Gehrt_StanStanley Gehrt, Associate Professor School of Environment and Natural Resources
tomTom Hawkins, Associate Professor
Department of Classics
TradeMarkTradeMark Gunderson, Lecturer, Artist, BioPresence Curatorial Committee
Yoni MizrachiYoni Mizrachi, Intern, Web Design  curated artistsArtists in curated exhibition
BioAcoustic UrbanscapesArtists in BioAcoustic Urbanscapes
  Artists in Juried show              Student juried exhibition