A living system exploration by Axel Cuevas Santamaría VJ axx

Along the line of exploring my feeling of empathy with slime mould Physarum Polycephalum, I enhance my connection with imaginary worlds I perceive between micro and macro dimensions. A sonification process of microscopic fluids streaming data over this organism’s veins is the basis of this AV exploration.

I recorded microscopic fluids flowing over the protoplasmic tubes, or veins, of this creature during its plasmodium stage. This flow of particles, similar to the flow of nutrients on our blood stream, reminds me that all forms of biological life reflect each other on very complex and also very simple levels of existence. By analyzing the size, number, and behavior of these particles, I get numerical values that I run through virtual synthesizers creating the sound composition for this installation. A visual narrative is projected on to floating screens on darkness showing the different levels of approximation I had with this living system during my first_contact exploration.


VJ Axx is an emerging multimedia artist collaborating internationally as a VJ through his visual brand AXXVJS. He develops creativity through technology. His latest piece of installation uses 500 light bulbs that fluctuate to the physical presence and sounds of visitors. His latest work in progress is bringing the micro and macro notions of life and perspective through an immersive fulldome experience at OSU.

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