Installation at MOTE gallery, by Katherine Bennett, with Mariel Fink and Lauren McCrystal

Moth: [Aside to Costard] They have been at a great feast of languages, and stol’n the scraps.  (Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost)

In Shakespeare’s play, pesky boy-servant Moth reveals the webs of language and desire that dress up and perform as love. In our Moth peep-show, magnifying lenses and projectors steal views of the silken webs woven by Indian Meal Moth larvae. These pantry pests devour feast basics like flour, cornmeal, oats and rice. The tiny larvae spin cocoons as they grow, wrapping their stuffed bodies in silk. They emerge as adult moths, living only to mate and reproduce without stopping to eat. They fly at night, drawn to light and each other.

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Katherine Bennett is an assistant professor in the landscape architecture Section at the Knowlton School, where she teaches design studios, workshops and theory courses that investigate interspecies habitat within the city. She is a registered landscape architect and has practiced in Boston, New York, Cape Cod, Savannah, San Francisco, Seoul and Hanoi – the latter while a visiting professor of landscape architecture at the University of Seoul. Her degrees in landscape architecture and painting are from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University (MLA) and The University of Georgia (BFA). Katherine has begun research toward a PhD in the Department of Geography at Ohio State, integrating her collaborative research with agroecologists, anthropologists, artists and architects in the US and Asia.

Katherine is the Ohio State University faculty director for the International Workshop on Urban Landscape (IWUL), an annual interdisciplinary charrette centering on the design of landscapes in the home cities of participating universities, Ohio State, the University of Seoul, and Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok). The workshop location rotates annually between the campuses of participating universities

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