Cricket Songs, by Alexis Burcham

Cricket Songs, recorded and produced in autumn of this year, is a sensation. As such, it deserves to be experienced. It’s mandi(ble)tory. You will listen to and download Cricket Songs on your computer and/or device. Visit the Cricket Songs hub to make sure your machine is operating satisfactorily. Make sure you allow any and all pop-up windows for maximum effectiveness. Do this today! Do it right now.

After putting together my album of pun-filled tracks, all sourced from crickets chirping around campus, I decided they needed to fly. I pushed them out into the internet and then added a seductive quilt of ads for the site, all  linked to the download file. I’ve been listening to the tracks on my media player, creating entries on – like this one by The Crickettes. Where will all these tracks be in a year? Five years? Ten? Will parents in the future put on Stop Buggin’ Me by The Kicks to lull their babies to sleep?