Tree Map, by DeQuindra Shatae Johnson


 In my website Tree Map the main focus is, obviously, the trees that are around the OSU Oval. When you arrive at the main page, you see a google maps enhanced version of the Oval with many tree icons placed around it. The idea is for you to not zoom out to view the entire map at once, but to explore around like a tour. When you choose a tree, you are sent to a page with images of the tree and its location along with the sound that you would hear while you’re at the chosen tree. Each image at that page links you either back to the main homepage or to the next tree, which will send you to another location at random.

The point of this website is for you to see these trees in ways that you haven’t before. Most people won’t even look at a tree anymore because trees are so common. What people should see is that, like us, each tree is different and is an individual. Just like the trees, the people who walk to or around the Oval treat everyone they don’t know as they do the trees, in which case, we are all just passing trees as we make our way to the next destination.