“Corvids” uses several sound files from the Borror Laboratory collection pertaining to corvidae living throughout the world. These sounds were given sonic manipulations and were musically arranged to create a conversation between the different corvidae. The sounds were then sampled and looped at different times to create a sense of international dialog between the different sub-species of crows and ravens. I’ve always been fascinated by the intelligence of crows. Their familial structures, their problem solving skills, and indeed their communication reflects a sophistication that is only being understood through studying their behaviour. “Corvids” explores not only the concept that corvidae behaviour is universal, but also the concept of an international language. Human voices remain in the project as a reversal of inter-species interruption in the primary conversation.


Peter is a socially awkward but smiling and friendly Canadian of mostly English descent. He has an over 20 year background in music, playing bass in country, blues, rock, and jazz bands. A technologist by day, an artist by night, he is an advisor on sensors, microcontrollers, and projectors to Pins and Needles Fabric Company – an Inter-Arts organisation in his hometown of Waterloo Region, Ontario. He is kind and bouncy. Mostly he likes music, bad records, Blue Mountain Pottery, and crows.


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