Remige. Stereo audio. 6:43 min. 2015

This composition was constructed using field recordings of birds in New Mexico and Arizona from the Borror Archive. These recordings of bird calls were converted into MIDI notes, creating a score. Other parts of the piece are composed of granular bits of the recordings, slowed down or sped up. Bird wings become drummed beats, and bird song becomes a bowed string, dissolving into air and taking flight. “Remige” means both; “feathered wing” and is the plural of “remix.”

Wes Norway

Wes Kline is an artist who teaches at New Mexico State University as an Assistant Professor of Photography where he teaches photography, video and extended media. He has also taught at University of Florida and St. Lawrence University. He earned his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois, Chicago (2005), and his BA in Visual Art from University of Maryland Baltimore County (2003). He shows his work nationally and internationally.

Credits: Samples used in this composition originated from the Museum of Biological Diversity, Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics at The Ohio State University: BLB10210 BLB10211 BLB10212 BLB10213 BLB10214 BLB10219 BLB10224 BLB10237

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