Interpolated Animals, by the Moving Image Art class

Motion-triggered wildlife cameras placed on the Ohio State University campus captured videos of animals. These clips were transformed by each artist through rotoscoping; frame-by-frame process of manipulating video. We each used our own styles to recapture and re-present the movement of these very local animals. Some used hand-drawing techniques, while others used computer-assisted tracing, masking, and effects.

Students in the Moving Image Art class taught by Amy Youngs worked together to create this project. In order of appearance: Brandon Messner, Riley Patrick, Brandon Ball, Jacob Markusic, Michael Anderson, Leah LaFarciola, Amy Youngs, Gaopeng Chen, Christine Rucker, Drew Grigsby, Catherine Lee, Mackayla Combs, Hui Yang, and Jay Young. Yoni Mizrachi helped with the soundtrack, which is based on Catherine Lee’s sounds for her section in this work.